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As living beings, we are likely to forget lots of information that are new to us. I myself have experienced it a lot as I tend to forget important information often. Therefore, taking proper notes is one of the best ways to remember the things that are new and important to us.

Normally, you can easily take notes on your smartphones or on anything that is convenient to you, but when it comes to taking academic notes, there are some things that you need to know so that when you use it as a reference it becomes efficient to study.

Notes taking not only helps you for efficient academics but this will help you in time for you to run after your passions and still be able to do well in your studies.

As I mentioned above the points below are the same points that I use to take effective notes.  

Let’s get on to those points.

Keep the screen away

Rather than using electronic devices for noting down the lecture using a pen and paper. Studies have proven that if you use an electronic device to take notes, then you will not be retaining the information well. Therefore, using handwritten notes is the best option, while taking notes.

Write Less

Your brain stores what you write, but if you note down everything during the lecture you might still not understand it fully later on. Try to paraphrase and write as that will help you understand more.

Identify Key Point(s)

Pay attention while taking notes and identify the key points. While noting down the key points use different colored pens or highlighters. This will help you know that this particular point is important hence, you will study it sincerely.

Everyone has their own way of taking notes. It is not necessary that everyone should follow the same pattern for taking better notes. But those were some ways that  I personally use for taking better notes.