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The careers selection is subjective and it depends on your interest, love for that career and abilities to know the applications form the knowledge acquired in that career, it is as simple as that. However, we and our parents make it complicated in some cases our or our parents’ financial status however it is less possibilities due to access of knowledge over different platform. Choosing right careers sometimes will be very difficult for a student however solutions lie within the same students not in their parents or someone else. The first and best advice to any students will be don’t choose any career on the basis like if someone else doing it, I will be doing it as well and then there will be chances that you will choose wrong career similarly do not listen to your parents or relatives if they are forcing you to peruse any career in which your interest is zero.

Be truth full to yourself, your capabilities to compete & your concentrations power for particular fields. Talents is natural and also comes from passion and practice if you have that in any case it is good for you however it is not applicable in all cases. Yes or No but the competition in the reality is very ruthless in this world so choose the career in which you are competing with. Mostly students choose the high competition career and will not be able to do it stuck with alternatives and compromise with their jobs in which they aren’t happy. Developing with understanding is smart work and this what you need to know. There are lots of career in this world where competition is low and earning are high. Explore the possibilities as it is unlimited, explore as much as you can there is lots of information available to you as you live in the internet era and exploring here is much easier.

See if you are not good at study tell your parents, be truthful to yourself and don’t jump in to the race that left you with pain and misers. Choose careers in the field of arts and sports that interest you or you find passion for it. Or do some short-term courses like digital marketing, or work on communication skills do public speaking. As I said there are lots of possibilities you never know what is coming to you and don’t bother about earnings. Choosing career on the basis of earning will be another mistake you are doing.

Don’t fall in the trap of coaching institutes where rank holders picture intimidating you and make you believe that you are the one despite you know your capabilities it will waste your parent’s money and your time only and this is the mostly cases where coaching institutes makes most money.

So, concluding this what I feel and experienced is choose the career on the basis of interest and applicability’s history that will work for you and will be in the interest of your parents as well.