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The current pandemic (COVID19) is yet to get over and its impact is seen till now. There are lots of thing happen during this period which push us to go online from the conventional way of doing things. There are no differences in study as well- Learning these days are pretty easy and accessible to the world with the help of internet. It is economical and fast way to conceive and update information and knowledge to the learner.  The current education system of Nepal is pretty old and conventional it not just overload students but it creates extra burden as well. Going classes and coming back will not just waste your time but also energy. 

In Nepal the development in the field of Technology is growing these days and this will impact our educations and methods of learning as well. The recent acquisition of ISP like worldlink by a foreign investor and launch of Nagarik app where you find your documents easy and apply for new one will show some positive impact for tech friendly people. With e-commerce and PSPs on the growth e-learning and online education are still far to go. Due to pandemic lots of institutions restructured its courses to give the online experience. There are lots of advantages of e-learning from study material to, video lectures or activities the tech infrastructure will make it easier to track performance and productivity as well as other sort of development on different parameters. Mobile can allow you to access the same content anywhere at any time on the click.

There are no perfections exist in this world apart from nature hence online learning also has its limitations like students will not be able to focus and concentrate on the lectures while at homes due to various reasons. The other issue is connectivity and available of devices to study one needs laptops or mobile phones recently the data cost is expensive in Nepal which limits the scope of online education as well. E- learning can be use to teach any thing and anyone and anywhere also good hygiene practices to save from diseases and its spreading. 

There is most online education platform which also provide one to one interaction with teacher like traditional or conventional education system as well. See the limitations of conventional learning is costly and, in some cases, difficult. We can’t get faculties for lots of classes and even if we manage it how we think all the students from classes will study same paces and here is how online play a vital role to differentiate unit for different individuals and can access their performance easily. From buying lots of physical study material we can do it in more economical way. Online learning will however not forget the way of teaching by telling stories and visualizing which conventional does. Active learning like solving the problems after topics. Despite of platforms there must be community to discuss it as well so the learning breakdown will be found and worked on. Talking about the cost the fixed cost is large however variables will be very less as courses and study material once develops need just updates not revision from time to time and also help the full-time workers who are willing to study and work as well. Students can learn from the teachers they want to, the system of one teacher to many students will convert into one student learn from various teachers this is the beauty of online learning.