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Are you are looking for Best Barista Training in Kathmandu? Do you want to make a career in Barista and Coffee making? Are you in search of the best barista school in Kathmandu? If so, here is Italian Espresso Academy Nepal to convert your dream true. Here, you can find out everything about Italian Espresso Academy Nepal.

About Italian Espresso Academy Nepal

Italian Espresso Academy Nepal, Coffee and Barista School is the international barista school located in Star Mall Putalisadak Kathmandu. Academy is one of the best places for barista training in Kathmandu

The school is a subsidiary of the One House Solution (OHS) that looks after the academics of Barista training via Italian Espresso Academy as well as helps in nurturing and developing upcoming coffee entrepreneurs who venture into the coffee business through various stages. One House Solution (OHS) offers free unlimited coffee making training and tutorials to the coffee entrepreneurs.

Why Italian Espresso Academy is Barista Training in Kathmandu?

Italian Espresso Academy is the best barista training in Kathmandu because of multiple reasons. If you are going to abroad for either study or work, you should have some kinds of skill so as to get a job easily. Barista, Coffee making is one of the common and creative hospitality jobs that you can get anywhere in the world. Italian Espresso Academy has been providing such training and classes for passionate students. 

Italian Espresso Academy is affiliated to Espresso Academy, Florence, Italy. It comprises a team of 4 internationally certified trainers who teach required coffee making skills to the students and make sure that the students can work in the real world coffee making industry.

Italian Espresso Academy provides a hand to hand guidance based on both theoretical and practical education. So, students who are trying to build their career in the Barista and Hospitality field can get special exposure.

Students will be trained and instructed by the globally certifies trainers at Italian Espresso Academy. This results in trainee can get a good job or even start their own business. It comprises a team of internationally certified trainers who teach required coffee making skills to the students and make sure that the students can work in the real world coffee making industry. 

As we mentioned earlier, Italian Espresso Academy Nepal is a one-stop solution for the coffee business, barista training in Nepal. You will learn everything from basic coffee making to fully skilled who coffee maker. The student will learn to prepare a wide variety of coffee like espresso, latte, cappuccino and other varieties of coffee.

Italian Espresso Academy Nepal Features and Facilities 

Being one of the centers for best barista training in Kathmandu, Italian Espresso Academy Nepal has got plenty of facilities needed for best barista training. 

Features and facilities:

Similarly, the academy also helps others set-up their coffee businesses by providing various services like:

Italian Espresso Academy Nepal Programs 

  1. Barista Training
  2. Coffee Business Consultation

1. Barista Training

Italian Espresso understands the expectations of the students from the Barista training. It trains individuals based on their comfort of time and space.

It makes sure that the students make most of their learning time productive and fruitful in the institute itself.

The institute has all sorts of modern machines and coffee equipment that are enough to provide hands-on experience to the students.

Similarly, it also provides career guidance to the students after their barista training in the institute.


Training features:

Who can Join Italian Espresso Academy Kathmandu?

Trained Baristas are in high demand not only in Nepal but all over the world. If you are trying to go abroad then this academy definitely for you. The course includes knowledge test and practical test which will ensure that the students meet the required standards for a barista. Having good skill and knowledge is a great weapon in everywhere to get a good job.

Italian Espresso Academy is for those who want to enhance their career in barista, coffee making in Nepal. Italian Espresso Academy is promoted by its parent company One House Solution that sells quality coffee machines like LaCimbali, Red Cherry and so on. It also provides consulting services for the coffee business and helps in setting up coffee cafes by providing raw materials, coffee beans, coffee machines, and overall consulting services.

So, if you are thinking of starting your own coffee business in Nepal, then we strongly recommend you to join Italian Espresso Academy Nepal.

Where is Italian Espresso Academy Kathmandu Located?

Star Mall, Putalisadak Kathmandu

Contact – 01-4012636, 9801019422, 9851119422

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