Financial Freedom While Studying in Nepal

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Financial Freedom

While choosing a career you always look for the best career that you pursue for your future. There will be a cost for any career you enter and it somehow puts the financial liability on your parents. We will help you to be financially free while pursuing your career. 

What are the high paying skills if you ask, we would say- Copy Writing, Vlogging, Blogging, digital marketing, Streaming, etc. these are the skills you develop in less period and there will not be any costing involved in it you can take classes available in youtube and google. Developing and implementing these skills somehow generate good revenue and you can continue as a full-time career as well. These skills don’t require any professional degree and certifications.


Apply for every IPO (Initial Public Offer) open to the public in Nepal, a small investment can give you a good return. You can apply for an IPO at any age there is no age limitation for this. You can keep the allotted share for the future or sell whenever you are in need. 

In today’s world, every company looks for an intern and there will be options of getting paid one as well. You can get paid internship in a related career this will help in your career as well as you will be able to support your family.

A part-time job will be an option if you are studying and you do have time and you want to utilize it. Getting a part-time job is easy and you will earn some amount that will help you managing pocket expenses.