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Are you thinking about studying in Australia? Here, we have detailed information regarding studying in Australia. Here, we have information about universities, consultancies, and costs.


 Many Nepalese students prefer studying abroad. Colleges in Australia are famous among international students. A student visa is required to study in these countries. They have better quality education in comparison. 


 Australian institutions attract a major number of Nepali students. College in Australia offers various courses and degrees. They have diploma certificates, vocational programs. They also provide undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees. They offer courses in various departments. Management, medical, and engineering are popular in Australia. Among Nepali students, Nursing and Information Technology are in demand.

List Of consultancy in Kathmandu for Australia 

 The tuition fee and living costs in the country are also affordable. While studying overseas students need to focus on various topics. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are some destination cities. The processing details are also to be taken into attention. The entire process might be a little hectic. So, to help in the processing many consultancies are present. They guide you through the entire process. Here is a list of some popular consultancies;











To obtain a degree from Australia, applicants have to work hard. Applicants need to meet the requirement of the government. Academic qualifications, Financial documents are required. Here, are some important documents and qualifications needed to apply. The most important Ability is English language proficiency. We can give IELTS, PTE, or Duolingo tests. We also have to make arrangements for our academic funding. Before getting enrolled in a college we need an offer letter. 


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Universities in Australia:


Once you are eligible to apply you need to choose a college. While joining colleges or institutions we need to make sure they are genuine. We should try to go to some recognized universities. Some affordable educational providers in Australia:










Scholarships in Australia:


There are both scholarships provided by the government and private scholarships. The scholarship is highly based on your academic performance. Some popular scholarships are the commonwealth scholarship, global excellence scholarship, and DAP scholarship. 


DAP is only available for students studying in regional areas. Women in research scholarships and provider scholarships are other scholarships. Most of them do not require an extra application. they may cover 10 to 100% of the fees. we can get bursaries on accommodation, books, and health support.



Why study in Australia?








Once we receive our Visa, we can travel to Australia easily. However, due to coronavirus students are stuck in Nepal. Many students get rejected from getting a visa. The main reason for rejection is the problem in Statement of Purpose, issue in payment, etc. During the processing, students can gain experience by training for various things. Students can utilize their time by learning coffee making, cooking skills.


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